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BrainStorm Operations

Brain (Sven Klitsch)

Storm (Keith Alban)

Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Chillhouse

Chill The Planet

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We invite all of you dancers, you thinkers, the philosophers, the travelers and nomads. They could coexist with the musicians, wizards, dreamers, and businessmen. And we would all speak the same language. There is child like enchantment here..Music is sonic atmosphere and what makes a world special....are those magical creatures that inhibit the organic place.

Welcome to a world of our design. Our concept, our mission and our desire is to soothe these people that are out there and are really effected from stress, daily pressure and seek a break from 'it all.'

We have chosen "Down-Tempo" music as our craft. We unite elements to create magical worlds; and then we invite people to come and inhibit them for a while. We here at BrainStorm Operations know; that the more human senses that you activate....the bigger the impression is that you leave on the guest. That is why we operate in very unconventional ways. Operating with aromatherapy, sub-audible frequencies that feel good, and incredible visual eye candy, We are not DJ's nor are we a band.what we are is a team of people who think alike. We have sat down and defined the concept, that we are at this very moment...now sharing with you.